Arabana Songlines

This ground-breaking short film, shown in 360-degree view, takes viewers on an immersive journey through the heart of Arabana country, Kati Thanda (Lake Eyre). Sit with Elders as they share knowledge of kutha (water), the giver of life. Hear the endangered Arabana language spoken. Meditate on the beauty of this country in this collaborative project between Ku Arts and Mobile Language Team. The land is changing. The only way forward is by sitting, listening and connecting with ancient songline. ‘Our communities are dispersed. We are no longer together in one place, on country. Now we can learn from Elders anywhere in the world using this 360-degree virtual reality technology.’ – Colleen Strangways



Arabana Songlines is directed by Colleen Strangways. Videography by Vivian Wong. Artwork by Lakota Milera-Weetra. Animation by Motion by Design. Voiced by Arabana Elders Mervyn Dodd, Reggie Dodd and Martha Watts. Cultural advice provided by Sydney Strangways, Betty Parker and Veronica Arbon. ‘Arabana Songlines’ contains Arabana language and cultural assets. Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property remains with the Arabana community. An initiative of the Mobile Language Team (University of Adelaide) and AnanguKu Arts. This work was made possible through financial support from the Australia Council for the Arts and Tarnanthi 2021. The Lab first hosted ‘Arabana Songlines’ in 2021.

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